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The Missing Piece in the Gender Equality Puzzle

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Did you know that your company could increase its ROI by over 50% by empowering women? Did you also know that empowering women requires going beyond supporting and including women alone? Empowering women and has an impact on everything from company profits to the lives of men and boys. In my recent TEDx talk, I discuss the key to unlocking the power of...

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Inclusion Includes Everyone

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“Give me a place to stand and with a lever I will move the whole world.” - Archimedes Many companies already understand and value diversity as a necessary part of their talent management strategy. In fact, many companies tout their diverse recruiting practices and workforce as a key competitive advantage and an innovation essential. So why are so many companies still struggling to bring on and keep their diverse talent, or to see the benefits of diversity bearing fruit? Because bringing on diverse talent, talking about diversity in company meetings, including it on the company website and...

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Calling All Men: We Need You!

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Originally posted on Huff Post Women In the wake of International Women’s day and with Women’s History Month nearing its end, I’ve been reflecting on the momentum generated for awareness and discussion of the gender equality movement worldwide. This year’s events and dialogue have focused on numerous aspects of women’s social, economic and political rights. One area that received a considerable amount of attention may have been surprising to some — it was, well, men. Talk of men having a role to play in expanding women’s rights and opportunities is...

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Navigating “Career Fear”? Let Purpose Be Your GPS

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Originally posted on Huffington Post Business The inimitable Yogi Berra advised, “When you come to a fork in the road, take it.” If only making a career choice was that simple. Yet there is a way you can reliably and consistently choose the most fulfilling career path — know your purpose. As I mentioned in last week’s post, if you have reached the mid-point of your career you’ve begun taking stock of how you got here and where you’re heading. It’s a natural transition point; you have reached a professional crossroads and, for many, that’s a...

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