Job Security isn’t Given, it’s Created

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Security badge There was an interesting article I read this week on about how employees that change jobs frequently make higher salaries. And I’m talking by considerable margins. A two-year stay with the same company adds up to employees earning less by approximately 50% over their lifetime!

Kind of flies in the face of the received wisdom about how to get ahead in the workplace, doesn’t it?

What was most intriguing about this fact was that my learning of it coincided with a coaching session I had this weekend. Over the course of our 30-minute session my client, a massage therapist, concluded that some of the things that were stopping her from launching her own business were her concerns over financial and job related security.

Like so many of us my client believed that her current position afforded her a level of certainty, and to some degree comfort, with regard to her future. However, when we began to explore this a bit closer she quickly came to the realization that her current position didn’t actually offer any of that.  In fact, much to her own amazement, she saw that her current work situation was far from certain or safe.

Her conclusion was that she could easily be out of job tomorrow if the hospital in which she worked decided to shut down the massage therapy clinic in favor of an offering that generated more revenue. And isn’t that the overarching pattern in the job market, after all? I mean how many of us have, or know of someone who has, been laid off, downsized, or insert your own “maybe saying it this way will soften the blow” expression, in the past five years alone!

It’s kind of absurd for us to think that just because we work for a company, as opposed to for ourselves, we are any more safe and secure in our jobs. That certainly used to be true, but those days are long gone. It’s no wonder why so many people are choosing to step out and fly their own flag. According to the Kauffman Index of Entrepreneurial Activity, in 2013 approximately 476,000 new business owners emerged each month.

So for those of you thinking about going out on your own here is your mission – should you choose to accept it. Take a long look at your current position, the frequency of lay offs in your company and who’s getting hired, then ask yourself, “Am I really playing it safe by staying where I am?”

Perhaps the only way to truly have safety and security is to create your own.

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