The Missing Piece in the Gender Equality Puzzle

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Did you know that your company could increase its ROI by over 50% by empowering women? Did you also know that empowering women requires going beyond supporting and including women alone? Empowering women and has an impact on everything from company profits to the lives of men and boys. In my recent TEDx talk, I discuss the key to unlocking the power of...

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3 Signs You Might Be The Company “Middle Child”

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Originally posted on Huffington Post Business Full disclosure I am an only child. That said, I’m reasonably sure that no one wants to be the middle child (insert joke about my last name here). The older kids get to stay out late and boss you around, the younger kids get away with murder, all the while you are left to figure things out for yourself. No fun. But this isn’t simply a reality for those that have siblings, it’s a situation faced by those of us who have reached the mid-point of our careers. Ok. Strap yourself in. I’m about to make a “companies are like...

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